The happiness of life (2)

March 1st, 2013 by zaicevaite3aurelija3s



By Aurelija Zaicevaite (1996) Silutes pirmoji gimnazija/ Lithuania


“He who has once known the contentment that comes simply  thought being content will never again be otherwise than contented”

“Tao Te Ching”

In the Far East, there is a line of thinking that equates happiness with what you have. The Tao Te Ching explains: “embrace simplicity… Be content with what you have , ant not one can despoil you”

By Chris Prentiss book “Zen ant the art of happiness”


All of us have something that others don’t. It doesn’t matter how hard our life can be  we are moving on and enjoying what we have at the moment.

Every person understands happiness  in their own way. For some it’s listening to music , for others it’s going for a walk and, also, most common  nowadays- shopping. We can find an infinity of possible meanings. There are people who find it difficult to enjoy life like the others , but happiness is still there for them if they try , they can find it in the little things such as blooming flowers, autumn leaves, warm rain, sounds of the sea and so on.

We often hear complaints from people around us that their life is meaningless , that they don’t have what to live for. But have they ever asked themselves ‘could it be worse’? Do they appreciate  what they have? But there are different types of people  that surround us, there are optimists, people who can find happiness no matter what happens to them. They are happy that they have the opportunity to live, feel and experience . Everybody who doesn’t enjoy their  life, should look up to these people who are happy about everything.

What would happen if everybody walked with their heads held down thinking that there is nothing in life to be happy about?

The world would probably lose its colours, it would become dull like an old TV that isn’t needed by anyone now. Yet, this very TV can bring happiness and memories to somebody, which cannot be taken by anyone from you.

Nobody forbids us from looking for happiness, but do we need it? Maybe, it will come by itself if we don’t look for it? We all are people and we all have rights to the happiness. So, let’s be happy with what we have  and never give in to the pessimistic side of the world.

I got interested in how people of different age see happiness. I did a survey of  3 groups of people: kids under 10, teenagers from 10 to 20, and adults from 20 to 60. Totally 21  people from each age group. They had to answer 5 questions:

  1.      Do you feel happy?
  2.      What makes you feel happy?
  3.      In what situation do you fell happy?
  4.      Do you think that people around you feel happy? Why?
  5.      What is your biggest dream?

According to the answers received, I found out the following: kids under 10 often feel happy. They are happy when their parents are happy and are not angry at them. Kids are happy when they play with fiends, toys and when they get presents. Small kids dream a lot, especially about who they will be when they grow up, what job they will do.

Teenagers  from 10 to 20 dream about more specific things: they want to get a good education, live on their own , be responsible for their life. There are some of the more interesting answers:

-What makes you feel happy?

-I don’t think that people around me are always happy. Most of them are students and they, like me, care about school matters, so they are often unhappy because of bad marks or work which they didn’t do on time

-What is your biggest dream?

- I wish my closest people lived happily and healthily.

However, I was surprised to hear what people from 20 to 60 said. I often think that adults in Lithuania often feel unhappy, but my opinion was not approved of. All the people I talked to said that they were very happy. There are examples of  their answers:

-What is your biggest dream?

- I wish that people not only around me were happy and healthy. The more smiles I see around me, the more joyful the world seems to be. If people smile, thinks are not so bad.

- What makes you feel happy?

-I feel happy when I think positively, analyze  my feelings, look forward to the future. I feel happy when I am healthy and people who I love are also healthy.

- Do you think that people around you feel happy? Why?

-I feel happy when I look at other happy people than I feel that life is only one and unique.

In conclusion I can say that for everyone it is very important that people surrounding them feel happy and are healthy, I think that normal people aren’t selfish and they feel happy when others are happy too.

So, what do you think about happiness? When do you feel happy?

Teenagers are different

May 10th, 2012 by zaicevaite3aurelija3s

By Aurelija Zaicevaite (1996), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/ Lithuania

Old people think that teenagers are stupid and they don’t know anything about a

healthy lifestyle, but they are wrong.

Young people aren’t so bad as the old genearation think: they like sports, arts, music

and other things. Unfortunately there are teenagers who better choose unhealthy life;

they smoke, drink and use drugs.

In smaller towns or villages there are a lot of teenagers who don’t have what to do,

so they start to destroy their lives not thinking about what can happen to them when

they grown up, and have their own children.

I don’t think that they want their children to do what their parents did.

What is your opinion about it?