Youth culture: Then and now

by  Hanna ERNSTBRUNNER (1995), BORG Krems/Austria

Angered by their parents, kids sit in front of their PC’-s, one hand on the keypad, in the other one their smart phone, chatting with each other on any kind of social network they can find in the World Wide Web. Youth culture has changed, there is no doubt, and everybody knows that. Living like our parents or grandparents did about fifty years ago is unimaginable for every single teenager nowadays.

In former times, young people would not have dared to abuse alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs in such an excessive way, even less consume it at that young age kids do today. The behavior of the majority is due to group pressure of the child’s so-called friends or, alternatively, to the missing education by their parents.

Communication is an important part of young people’s life. The elderly population appreciated personal talks and conversation in their youth which the youth now, do not. Instead of meeting their friends, they whip out their mobile phones, send text messages, instant messages (there are not even e-mails any longer) or use social networks to communicate, even though they might be in the same room.

Finally, we can see that the youth is completely different nowadays. It has developed in a questionable way. Slightly more emphasis on their education would mitigate the situation and may stop that sad trend.