Youth and Internet Usage(3)

By Ipek Yahsi, Tarsus/Turkey.

Our age is changing. So new interests ensue. We are starting to centre on different interests. And staple of these is social networks, as you can estimate. We can say that at the present time almost everyone is a member of at least one social network. In the past, there weren’t social networks like nowadays. People were pottering differently. In the meantime, time, conditions and technology changed and developed. So, current social networks ensued. And these occupy a place in our life, now. Okay, what’s the results of this situation? Like in every situation, this situation has good and bad sides, too. Due to social networks ensued new style of recreation and liked very much by youngs. But if people pass the time so much in like these web sites, they will be unsuccessful in connect. My comment in this matter is we should keep up with our age and the change. We should control our activities on the Internet, they shouldn’t control us.

One Response to “Youth and Internet Usage(3)”

  1. You’re right. As time passes by, more and more teenagers spend much more time in front of their computers, chatting on social networks and over IMS (”instant messages”). Although the Internet has lots of advantages, it’s got its drawbacks as well. Sometimes, the Internet consumes a half of young people’s lives. Because of this, they forget about their responsibilities and chores, not to mention their school and education. Such people may do well in written/typed conversations, but when it comes to real talks, they may not be able to build a simple sentence; they may forget words, stutter and mumble. That’s why it’s so important to keep a balance between the Internet and our lives. It’s a really useful thing without which it would be hard. We are the ones who should control our activities on the Internet, we can’t let them take control over us.