Everchanging Teenagers and Their Music Styles(3)

By Ipek Yahsi, Tarsus/Turkey.

Everything is changing. The youth too. Especially the youth is changing with all their comprehensions. For example, comprehension of youth and their favourite music styles. If we keep in mind past times, the music styles that were liked at that time are different from today’s. In the same way, the music styles which our parents listened when they were young are different from ours. Let’s glance 1980’s musics. As you can see, pop style musics were made very much. But now, electronic, techno and dance styles are being liked very much. Of course, because we youngs like these styles, occasionally, we are criticized by adults. In my opinion, adults should be indulgent in this matter. Because everything in this World within change. We are changing and connected to this, the things that we are interested are changing too. Adults should acknowledge this situation and should be receptive.

One Response to “Everchanging Teenagers and Their Music Styles(3)”

  1. In my opinion music styles were changing because the world was changing. New music styles are created because people still make something new. It is true that in the 80s my parents were listening to famous “Modern Talking” but there wasn’t hip-hop music, so they didn’t have a choice. For example, the first Polish hip-hop band called “Paktofonika” was made in 1998 and my parents didn’t listen to this kind of music. They didn’t listen to it because they were about 30 years old people who had children and probably didn’t have time for music. Now we have a choice which kind of music we want to listen. And no matter If you listen to punk, heavy metal or pop music because each kind of music is good. The most interesting thing is that teenagers go back to “old” but still famous music, for example: “The Beatles”, “AC/DC” or “Guns N’ Roses”.