All Of Us Should Fall In Step To Changes(3)

By Ipek Yahsi, Tarsus/Turkey.

As long as the World changes and youngs cause this change, the generations before us complain about us more than complain about this change, and this situation is visible result. We are bringing a new World order and our parents have to fall in step, this isn’t very easy for them. But there is such a real, these changes certainly will occure.  Seeing  this is possible  from first times of humanity to the present time. Every generation is regarded as strange by before generation. Because people’s falling in step like these changes is difficult. When they compare their own generation to our generation, big differences between these two generations maket hem surprise. But they should appropriate this real. Because it’s not possible to say “Stop” to these changes. As long as humanity exist, these changes will be lived too. If they comprehend this, it will be the most truth.