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By Perihan Karaca (1996) Tarsus/Turkey.


Social media is now an essential part of our lives. The increasing use of social media more and more especially changing  habits of youth fast. The effect of social media  can be seen in all aspects of our lives. Innovation in this regard is undoubtedly  is accepted  and practised mostly by  young people .Therefore, the focus of social media is probably still teenagers.

  Studies of young people in Turkey shows that young people spend on social media an average of 50 hours for a week. As a result, young people are more active in social media, it says. Thus,young people decide the agenda  and trends in social media . So that social media has become the most effective marketing tool. In the coming days, with the focus of youth, social media will continue to change our lives.

Youth and Internet Usage(3)

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By Ipek Yahsi, Tarsus/Turkey.

Our age is changing. So new interests ensue. We are starting to centre on different interests. And staple of these is social networks, as you can estimate. We can say that at the present time almost everyone is a member of at least one social network. In the past, there weren’t social networks like nowadays. People were pottering differently. In the meantime, time, conditions and technology changed and developed. So, current social networks ensued. And these occupy a place in our life, now. Okay, what’s the results of this situation? Like in every situation, this situation has good and bad sides, too. Due to social networks ensued new style of recreation and liked very much by youngs. But if people pass the time so much in like these web sites, they will be unsuccessful in connect. My comment in this matter is we should keep up with our age and the change. We should control our activities on the Internet, they shouldn’t control us.

Everchanging Teenagers and Their Music Styles(3)

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By Ipek Yahsi, Tarsus/Turkey.

Everything is changing. The youth too. Especially the youth is changing with all their comprehensions. For example, comprehension of youth and their favourite music styles. If we keep in mind past times, the music styles that were liked at that time are different from today’s. In the same way, the music styles which our parents listened when they were young are different from ours. Let’s glance 1980’s musics. As you can see, pop style musics were made very much. But now, electronic, techno and dance styles are being liked very much. Of course, because we youngs like these styles, occasionally, we are criticized by adults. In my opinion, adults should be indulgent in this matter. Because everything in this World within change. We are changing and connected to this, the things that we are interested are changing too. Adults should acknowledge this situation and should be receptive.

All Of Us Should Fall In Step To Changes(3)

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By Ipek Yahsi, Tarsus/Turkey.

As long as the World changes and youngs cause this change, the generations before us complain about us more than complain about this change, and this situation is visible result. We are bringing a new World order and our parents have to fall in step, this isn’t very easy for them. But there is such a real, these changes certainly will occure.  Seeing  this is possible  from first times of humanity to the present time. Every generation is regarded as strange by before generation. Because people’s falling in step like these changes is difficult. When they compare their own generation to our generation, big differences between these two generations maket hem surprise. But they should appropriate this real. Because it’s not possible to say “Stop” to these changes. As long as humanity exist, these changes will be lived too. If they comprehend this, it will be the most truth.

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The Youth Is Changing

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