Image Is Everything

by Berkant Taha Yamuç, Çankırı/Turkey.

Thank you for clicking my new post. These photos like professional. I know. But while taking these photos was in the amateur feelings. So I like it. I identified my photos according to emotion. If you click to photos, you see large size. I hope you enjoy. :)

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10 Responses to “Image Is Everything”

  1. Hey! I invite you to fill this form about emotions in different countries. Please, answer the questions – it won’t take you much time

    P.S : Great pictures! :)

  2. Thank you for your nice comments.

  3. Very beautiful pictures! (:

  4. excellent working , i really like them and i hope you continue to working and show your talents to us :)

  5. berkant :) i like this photos. i am waiting new photos :)

  6. Thank you Mr. Lothar Thiel for your proud comment.

  7. Dear Berkant,

    your photos are really beautiful and very expressive. I am glad that they will be a part of the print edition of “trait d’union”. Go on like this, you are an artist.

    Best regards,

  8. Seriously good filming .Good Job !

  9. I really like them…

  10. I glad you Berkant nice work!