What Comenius intercultural project gave to me?

By Greta Undžytė (1996), Šilutės pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania

We all decided to participate in Comenius project because we wanted to improve our English skills, meet new people or learn more about culture in other countries. So, I‘m not the exception, that‘s why I decided to write about things Comenius gave to me.

Let‘s start with working on trait d‘union website. There we have to write articles. Sometimes it gets boring, but it helped me a lot, now it‘s much easier to write articles for my English or Lithuanian classes. Also, a writing process gives you extra knowledge, because you have to look for information on the Internet in the books and sometimes you have to ask your teachers or parents.

The second thing I want to talk about is improving your foreign language skills. During Comenius meetings you have to communicate with many teenagers and teachers from abroad. And it‘s not all about everyday situations, but you also have to discuss about your country and culture. I asked some of my friends and they agreed that they improved their English skills and it‘s much easier to understand people from abroad now. And, of course, one of the greatest points of Comenius meetings is that you can see how different world can be – I can give you a few examples. Firstly, when I visited Assisi I saw that it is totally different city than Šilutė. You can see differences in the pictures given below.

Besides, do you know what  the best thing is? In my opinion, Comenius gives you a chance to know people from your country better. If not my participation in this project, I wouldn‘t have been able to meet many awesome students from my school. I want to say that I made great friends like Laura and Radvilė. And they were the reason why I wasn‘t bored during this summer.

In conclusion, I want to say that almost everyone would agree with me that this project gives us experience and useful skills we will be able to use in future.

One Response to “What Comenius intercultural project gave to me?”

  1. I think learning foreign language is very important. We saw that especially in Comenius Project. We went another country,we met a lot of people. If we hadn’t known any foreign language,we would have been like an inarticulate. Thanks to foreign languages,we could communicate each other.
    Also,thanks to Comenius project I can improve my foreign languages.Not only when we were in abroad also while we’re writing an article on trait d’union,we can learn new words.