Workshops in Lithuania. Woven bracelets

There were 7 girls in this group: Aiste Auskalnyte Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania, Agne Radzvilaviciute Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania, Greta Undzyte Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania, Radvile Ranaviciute Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania, Alicia Hernani DSBilbao/Spain, Kamelia Pluciennik LOK Kraków/Poland, Jennifer Rahberger BORG Krems/Austria.

Talking about first day in our group, we  had to do very warm and nice work. We had two frames and the idea was simple. We had to think and write some nice, kind, lovely, grateful and maybe sensitive words, which give us joy, good mood and cause warm feelings. It was our imagination.

On Thursday we started and  finished bracelets. In our group there were only girls, so everyone  enjoyed doing bracelets. Bracelets consist of 6  threads in 3 colours. At first, it was a little bit hard, but the longer we did it, the better the bracelets were.  We had a lot of fun while doing it!