Youth culture in Šilutė. Let’s play music!

By Greta Undzyte (1996) and Agne Valanciute (1995), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania

We all know what music is. It is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Nowadays the majority of teenagers listen to music everyday. But this article isn‘t about them. We decided to write an article about one of the most popular activities in Silute.

Let’s start with saying that playing musical instruments or singing are very popular activities in Silute. Our city is quite small, but here we can find lots of musicians!


In my opinion, the most famous band in Silute is Karcema. It’s a country styled music band, founded by famous Silute’s musician Vygantas Stoskus. Also there is another country music band. It’s the next generation of Karcema and it’s called Karcemele. Both bands participate in country music festivals, TV music shows and of course, they perform in Silute.

Folk Ensemble
Anyways, people in Silute don’t play only country music. In every school you can find pupils playing guitars, drums or Lithuanian folk instruments. At our school you can find rock and pop bands, guitar club, folk ensemble, choir and more. So, I think that there are many ways how to express yourself, but that’s not all!

The biggest spot where you can find musicians is Music School! (You could see Agne playing the piano in our anti-stress video. Yes, she has graduated from Music School and I’ll be graduating in two and a half weeks, too.) There you have to study for 4-8 years, it depends which instrument you want to play. For example, I’ve been studying how to play an accordion for 6 years now! Music school is proud of fanfare orchestra, which is called Pamarys. This year orchestra won 1st place (B category) in  XIIth Lithuanian wind orchestra championship.

Furthermore, I think that playing music helps to spend your spare time effectively, at the same time you gain extra knowledge and you meet new friends. Besides, you always have something to do, so, that’s why you aren’t one of those people who spend all their free time in front of a PC screen. What do you think about that?

One Response to “Youth culture in Šilutė. Let’s play music!”

  1. I didn’t know before that music is such a popular activity in Silute.
    I’m playing the piano for 8 years now and I’m really interested in your article.
    I think that it’s very good that you wrote about many different aspects like famous bands, music school and so on.