Movies influence me (4)

By Agnieszka Twardosz (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland

I believe that everything we have touched, affects us. There are some movies which have the biggest influence on me, my personal development and the way I see the world now. I decided to choose a few of them and share with you.


Everybody has a favorite animation from the past. For me it’s Pocahontas. I have watched this a thousands of times and I will never get bored. It’s a beautiful story about nature, racial conflicts and forbidden love, with no happy ending. Sometimes people ask me if I’m not too old to watch it again and again, but I know I’m not. Another one is Birds. I was about 8 years old, alone at home, when I was watching that. Nothing ever scared me so much and some scenes still appear in my head in most improper moments. I think I will be scared of ravens and crows forever.


There’s a movie which is the reason I started to be interested in cinema. There’s a movie which is enchanted and full of magic. There’s a movie which taught me tolerance and understanding. There’s a movie after watching which I couldn’t stop crying for half an hour. And the movie title is Edward Scissorhands.



Another movie I love is Picnic at Hanging Rock. It’s that kind of film, while I was watching it, I had thrills. In the story, a group of students from a school for girls with their teacher decided to watch a famous rock closer, but some of them never come back. It reminds a dream-the plot is enveloped of the mystery, it’s almost poetic. I think that drama formed my sense of beauty. The second one totally shocked me, and was probably the best I’ve ever seen and its name is  Breaking the waves. Someone may say it’s sick, but for me it’s like holiness. To such an extent that I watched it only once. It’s really hard to say what it is about, for me about women’s strength, devotion and sacrifice. Warning! After watching it you have a feeling as it someone hit you with an axe. Maybe now something more gentler-The bridges of Madison County. It’s probably one of the most beautiful, not-sugary history of impossible love. Two mature people after ordeals fell in love, but they have to make a tragic decision-be happy or let someone else be happy. It’s a very sad story, but it brings hope too. Because of it I know that everything can happen. An apparently, boring day can be t h a t day. And now the film about the end of the world (21.12.2012!?),no, about people’s behaviors in the face of the end of the world. I have found myself in each of characters of Melancholia. And then sadness came over me -so huge and deep. Because it’s really hard to say what that movie brings. Maybe reflections, maybe nothingness. Now it’s time for a legend. Casablanca is a cure for a bad mood. It takes so many universal subjects such as love triangle, war, longing for lost freedom and sacrifice, but it’s the funniest film in the world, too! I also have a fondness for it, because it started my fascination with Humphrey Bogart(what a man!). The last one I choose is by the Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski and it’s called A Short Film About Love. It is so real and goes straight to human sensitivity. I won’t write anything else. Just watch it if you can.

What about you? Have you got such movies ,too? What are they?

2 Responses to “Movies influence me (4)”

  1. Thanks a lot. I’m glad you like it. You’re right, I focus on myself, because if I asked somebody else I would have to write another article! :) And I wanted to show my private view. Also it’s not completely like you said – movies don’t have only favorable influence on me. You were right, we can sometimes forget oneself and start to believe in a fiction world. Even when we don’t, we feel disappointed, because the world we’re living in is so much worse. It’s very dangerous when we spent more time in our ideal reality than in this faulty place. But on the other hand, it can be a great escape, when something went wrong or when we have a bad mood. Watching movies is a big part of my life and I’m sure not only my. So I it depends on a character, but in my view it would be better to don’t watch Twilight Saga at all :)

  2. Hi, your article was very nice! I think that movies influence us a lot, especially young people. And that influence isn’t always good. For example Twilight Saga: many teenagers, (mostly girls, of course) started to believe that vampires are real, wanted to become one, once I even found a webpage that gave instructions on how to become a vampire. That’s horrible because that’s how young people get involved with dark magic and other bad things. And this is only one example. So, no matter how interesting it was to read about the good movies’ influence, I think you also could have written something about bad influence that movies make. My over all opinion is that your article is great, but you could’ve put in something outside your world too. :)