Healthy style of living in Poland

By Tomek Toś, LOK Kraków/Poland.

In 21st century, it’s fashionable to be healthy and sportive. Also in Poland, young people and adults want to live in active way. There are many different possibilities to spend time in healthy maner.

In Poland most popular ways to beat stress and exercise are running, rideing a bike, rollebladeing playing squash or tennis and just walking around. Also older people do sports.

Walking in one of Cracow’s park, you can see adults running or rideing a bike after their job. In my city, it’s also possible to rent a bike. There are special places, where you can do it. Renting bikes is quite popular in Cracow.

It’s also very popular and fashionable in young Poles’ lives to buy and eat ecologocaly, friendly food. Teenegers more rearly go to fastfood restaurants (like McDonald, KFC or Burger King) and eat unhealthy meals. Therer are more and more places, where you can eat fresh fish or nice and tasty salad.

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