If you ask me, a 17 year old schoolboy if I enjoy going to school every
morning, I would sincerely answer no. Why? Here are my main ideas on the

Anyone who remembers his first day at school will agree that the first
grade was the greatest experience of his life. There were new
opportunities: new things to learn and friends to make. But gradually while
growing up, the experience of being the first, the second, the third grader

While the five year olds are learning their first letters and start to
write, the older kids start feeling that none of the information gained at
school will be needed in their future. You don’t believe me? Ask me, I am
one of them. I believe that teaching methods are not interesting in the
contemporary teaching system, they do not involve students enough and
don’t push them to be more creative. And to make it even more difficult,
educational content is out of date.

When I started in the first grade, mistakes were the worst thing I could make.
All schools apply these methods. Then, I became frightened of being wrong and in
the second grade I already grew out of creativity. I started to keep my
opinion to myself. And obviously if one is not prepared to be wrong, he
will never come up with anything original.

Finally I think we need to update school books and more lessons which
encourage creativity. Drama, arts, dance and music lessons have to be
important just as math and languages. There are natural scientists, cooks,
actors and dancers in the world and to get the best out of everybody, we
have to guide kids through their own dreams and aims