IMMAGINE STEFANIA 1By Stefania Ronci (1994) LSP Assisi /Italy

It’s a truth universally known that our society is linked to Energy, and nowadays the most important sources of energy are fossil fuels: oil, coal and natural gas. But what are the advantages and the disadvantages?

As far as the advantages are concerned they represent  the cheapest source of energy, even if the environmental impact of their use is rarely considered among the costs. Then they are easy to carry and a single plant can serve many people.

The disadvantages are much more numerous and worrying: fossil fuels are not renewable and they can be found only in some parts of the planet; this causes a condition of dependence of some nations on  others, those with  the privilege of having oil in their subsoil.  They  can decide to increase its prize too much, or stop selling it. Moreover  fossil fuels  emit polluting substances which are  a danger for the human health and for the environment causing damage such as the greenhouse effect or  acid rains if they overcome a certain limit of concentration in the air. Modern technologies allow us to use these sources with lower emissions, but these technologies are still too expensive and not always available. Besides the accidents which may occur to  oil tankers can provoke serious damage to the marine ecosystems.

For this reason it’s important to think about alternative energies able to replace the current ones, avoiding risks and waste.

In my family we have asked ourselves what we can do  in order to give our little contribution to the solution of this problem:  we have decided to buy a photovoltaic  plant.

This solution combines  the benefits connected with a reduced impact on the  environment with  a considerable saving  for us, because the cost of the panels will be largely compensated by the energy we will produce in  future years. Moreover this energy represents a safe, clean and independent investment which will reduce the use of fossil fuels that in Europe, at present, amounts to 53%.  It is also fundamental to consider that, beyond the reduction of environmental impact, our planet needs renewable sources of energy as a perspective for the future, and also for this reason the sun represents a valid solution.