The importance of music styles

May 13th, 2012 by skirkevicius3andrius3s

By Andrius Skirkevicius and Marius Kmitas, Silutės Pirmoji Gymnasium/ Lithuania

To begin with, i want to say that music is very important for us all because it helps us to forget about the problems, relax and etc. Today i would like to talk about the styles of music.

There are more than 500 music styles in the world. Some of them are well known: Hip-hop, Pop or Rock music, but some of them are very rare:  Neo-Medieval , Neo-prog ,Neo-Psychedelia ,Neo Soul. It is not important the style is popular or not, it still has got fans. There are a lot of musical festivals every year, where we can listen to different styles of music. You can start your day listening to „Calm Jazz“ and end it with Dance music. It‘s your choice what do you want to listen.

Furthermore, i would like to tell you that music styles changes every year. Some styles „born“ and some „dies“. There are more styles born, though. Many music styles „dies“ because of lack of people listening to it. For example, there were some music styles in Africa but the tribes that was listening to it „died“. So the music styles „died“ too.  I think it‘s very important to save all the music styles because it‘s herritage and it should be protected very well.

As i said before, every style of music has got fans. In some countries it has got more. In Finland you can see thousands of people listening to Rock music. Just pass the Baltic sea and you can see the difference because the most of the people listen to Dance music in The Netherlands, Denmark. It shows us that every country has it‘s most popular styles of music.

Apparently it can unite all the people. We have a very good example in Lithuania. It‘s „Rock Marsh 1980-1990“. It helped us to fight against the occupants. It united all the people, spreaded the ideas of freedom. There very thousands of people listening to rock music, going to the concerts. The musicians were stars. They fought against the communism in peaceful way. They just played songs about love and freedom.

To end with, i would like to say that all the music styles are very important. The styles unite people and there aren‘t a lot of things that could do that. I think we should cherish all the music styles.

Lithuanian youth and their favourite kinds of sport

March 14th, 2012 by skirkevicius3andrius3s

By Andrius Skirkevicius, Šilutės pirmoji gimnazija/Lithuania.

To begin with, I want to say that the youth in Lithuania likes sport but it‘s sad that in the 21st century teenagers will rather play computer games, visit social networks than play sport games.

In 20th century, the youth didn‘t have computers, television and etc. So, automatically  they played sport games and i can honestly say that about eighty percent of young people played football, basketball, handball or some other sport. Lithuanians were proud of their active life. In addition, there were only few basketball courts or football pitches, but the youth of Lithuania played these sports in the streets, It shows us how they loved sport.

Nowadays there are still a lot of young people that prefer sport over computer games or social networks. In my opinion,  sixty percent of youth in Lithuania play football, basketball, ice hockey or other sport and that’s sad. However, we are still proud of our sports. There are very good traditions of basketball in Lithuania, so every Lithuanian likes it. When our national team plays in the European/World championship or the Olympics, the whole nation are watching it. All streets are empty at that time. We are proud of our basketball and every boy wants to be as good as Lithuanian basketball stars like Sabonis, Kleiza, Siskauskas etc. So we have a good situation in the youth basketball.

One of the better signs is the revival of football in Lithuania. We don’t have a good football team but somehow we managed to attract youngsters to football pitches. We have good U-16, U-15 national teams and I’m sure that in a couple of years we will play in the World Cup or European championship.

The worst situation is in other kinds of sport, because all the youngsters see  is basketball and football ,so they don’t like other sports. As a result we don’t have strong a handball, volleyball or ice hockey team.

To end with, I want to say that Lithuania is a country that loves sport. Some people say that basketball is the second religion of Lithuania, football is a fast growing sport in Lithuania and I’m sure that we have to continue our traditions of sport and we can’t forget them. What can be better than sport? It’s the main source of health and the healthy youth is the best youth.

The blog is made by Andrius Skirkevicius and Marius Kmitas

Relaxation and music

December 12th, 2011 by skirkevicius3andrius3s

Relaxation and music

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  • Some of you might think that relaxation is not the most important thing in the world. Some of  you might think, it’s not necessary to relax after a hard day at school or at work, but you are absolutely wrong. We need to relax and the best way to do that is to listen to some good, smooth and gentle music.
  • Can you imagine yourself not watching TV after a hard day at work or school? I bet that everyone is doing it but it’s wrong  because  TV can disturb you more than you were before. I suggest you to listen to some good relaxing music. It’s the best medicine. Did you know that relaxing music is a medicine for a hearth, because it reduces blood pressure and of course it lets you brief slowly and calmly and it’s the most important thing when you want to relax. It helps us to be better, to be more confident.  It cleans our brain from the bad thoughts.  Did you know that even Buddhist monks are using relaxing music? Besides, they are listening to it  almost everyday and that‘s one of the biggest reasons why they are so healthy. Music can help migraine and chronic headache sufferers reduce the intensity, frequency, and duration of the headaches.Futhermore ,music can boost the immune function and that‘s not all. Did you know that music even makes you smarter?? And, people , i bet that many of you think that i made these facts up, but i didn‘t. It‘s scientifically proven
  • As a result i read an article about one famous Lithuanian  scientist   and his day at job. He said:  „I get up, i have a bath, have a breakfast , then i go to my job and   i work there very hard and after eight hours of work my mind literally „explodes“ , then i go home and the best think i can do there is to have a bath, turn off the lights , close my eyes and just listen to some relaxing music, My mind gets brighter than“ So, i suggest you to listen to relaxing music everyday. That‘s what i‘m going to do now!

The article is made by Andrius Skirkevicius and Marius Kmitas.

Kraków meeting: What was the benefit of our common work for the project?

October 7th, 2011 by skirkevicius3andrius3s

There were five questions asked in AULA. Our group had to conclude this question’s answers. There has been thirty four students examined from Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Lithuania  and they’re the most common answers:

1.We improved our English skills.

2.We’ve met new friends and had an opportunity to know their new culture.

3.We felt the everyday life of polish people.

4.I had some new experience, when i was participating in the discussions.

5.I gained self-confidence.

Our group from Lithuania:

Andrius, Marius, Ruta, Agne and Gintare.

Hello world!

October 6th, 2011 by skirkevicius3andrius3s

Hello Editor!

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