Changing world

By Monika Simkute, Šilutės pirmoji gimnazija / Lithuania.

Changing world

Our lives are changing all the time. New electronics equipment, new closes, new cars helps us to have luxury and more comfortable lives. Fashion is leading us all ages from humans beginning.

And we are seeking fashion all the time. For this my work I want to show you how fast is changing fashion, electronic and some others humans inventions.

Firstly I begin with fashion ☺

Middle ages



Our time

Now we can’t imagine our lives with out cell phones

But how looked one of the first phones :

Our cell phones now:

Can you imagine that first plane looked like this :

And how it’s looking now:

The first car:

Cars now:

World and we are changing and we can just imagine what inventions people can create. But one things didn’t change for all times we want to be free, we want to love and be loving. These things will never change.

Comenius project members in Šilutės kindergarten ,,Ąžuoliukas“.

By Monika Simkute, Šilutės Pirmoji gimnazija/Lithuania, and others.

We spent 1 hour in this kindergarten. It was really interesting. Lithuanian children are little shy, but sweet.  We asked them about healthy life. Lithuanian children know what kind of food is good and what kind of food is harmful. We taught them how some products are called in Spanish, Polish, Austrian and Turkish. We played games with children. We had a really great time! In the end we gave them balloons with our wishes to them.

It was really great morning☺.

Internet safety

By Monika Simkute, Šilutės pirmoji gimnazija / Lithuania.

We‘re spending more and more of our lives online. We buy things over the internet and chat to friends in a  chat rooms. In fact, many of us live a large part of our lives in cyberspace. It‘s easy to forget, thought, that there are same kinds of risk there are in real life. It‘s important that all of us learn about internet safety from a young age to protect ourselves.

For example, one thing about chatting one the internet is that you often can‘t see the person you are chatting with. Using video may be getting more common, witch means that you can see if the person really is who they say they are. Without that, thought, it’s very easy for someone to pretend to be someone else. Remember that a photograph can come from anywhere and doesn’t prove anything. Be careful who you trust because the teenager who wants to chat and be your friend might not really be a teenager at all!

Another thing to be careful of is meeting online friends in real life. You should never give your address or telephone number to people in chat rooms. Apart from the danger of not being sure who they are, there’s also the danger of other people seeing what you write. If you are thinking of meeting an online friend, always get your parents’ permission.

You should also be careful with other information. Never send anything important, like a credit card number, in an email, for example. The journey the email takes from one computer to the others seems instant. However, it goes through other computers where people possibly read your email and use that information. That can be very expensive mistake to make!

Finally, remember that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Some criminals try to fool people with emails that say you have won a prize. It might look exciting but almost all those messages are false. When you reply, they will ask you to send money to get a prize. You should always ignore messages and delete them.