By Agne Valanciute (1995), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/ Lithuania

You can never know what the new day may bring to our life which is full of technologies. Every morning something better, faster, smaller or more comfortable is created than it was yesterday. In this article of mine, I will try to describe some major changes in technologies that changed my life significantly. So I will talk about evolution of music players as well as the new era of smart phones.

Firstly, do you remember your first ever portable music player? (Not to mention that there was no music playing device for ages). The first devices, that I used to listen to my favorite music was a cassette player sized and weighted half of a brick. There was nothing wrong with that player, except the fact, that if you wanted to use it nowadays during your classes, you couldn’t hide it from the teacher. J Afterwards came portable CD players, even bigger, but the improvement was made in the capacity – you could listen to more records than before. And look what we have got now: Enormous number of differently sized and styled MP3 players of various brands overwhelming our lives. All these small, comfortable gadgets with touch-screens help me to be with my music every time I go school, home, while doing my homework and even before sleep. Music helps me a lot in my life while relaxing or having fun, it colors my life brighter.

Secondly, let me remind you of your first mobile phone. It was the size of a brick, wasn’t it? J Mine was. The first mobile phones were black and white and they had three functions: calling, texting and a game called The Snake. As technologies were developing, phones got more and more modern. Look at our smart phones now. Tell me what you cannot do with them?! It helps me in many difficult situations: finding the right way on the map, instant messaging through the social networks or even various funny apps also helps me to kill some time during long journeys. Even the computer is becoming outclassed by a smart phone since smart phones only lacks the memory in Gigabytes and of course they are not that fast and doesn’t have that many process available as the computer. Then again Nano technologies can drastically help the smartphone to rise above the PC.

However, this is not the ending point of my two mentioned devices. I am sure that in the future they will upgrade even more and modified due to the rapid course of our world development and the main foundation of knowledge and new discoveries we reveal. For instance I believe that phones, infused with Nano technologies, may be implanted into your own hand and you could just dial numbers and put your palm to your ear to listen or send messages by clicking your own palm. Audio players could become so small that the size of them would be fragile and you would need to put them in our ear and keep there, you ask how would you change the song? The mp3’s might be even influenced by modern medical-biology and the mp3 would react to your thoughts and play the song you think of in your head and the storage of the playlist would be your own memory.

In the conclusion I would like to say that technologies are developing with the aim of making people’s lives easier, more comfortable. People use the fruits of modern ages with pleasure and I am not an exception. I think you are not either. So, please, share some thoughts WHAT did modern technologies change and HOW they influenced or helped your life?