From the washboard to the washing machine.

February 26th, 2012 by sieradzka3katarzyna3s

by Katarzyna Sieradzka (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland

In the past, people used washboards instead of  washing machine. It was a piece of corrugated sheet metal in a metal or wooden casing. The washboards  was usually placed in the tub, person who was washing manually shifted  soaked underwear on the surface of washboard.

The history of the washboard goes back hundreds of years back. First, women washed clothes in rivers (lakes) on the stones. Washing methods were different. First, the washboards was carved from wood. With the development of industry, there were glass and tin washboards, set in a comfortable, wooden frame. Recent washboards were all stamped from galvanized sheet and have rubber caps on legs. The washboards was and still is  used as an instrument of folk music.

The first electric washing machine was made by J. King in 1851. Its action was based on the use of steam, and it imitated the work of hands. The first washing machines were made of wood. Now washing machines have a lot of modes. Thanks to them, our life is much easier than the life of our great-grandmother.

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