Dance and its Unchanging Meaning

By Sümeyye Serenboy (1996), Tarsus/Turkey.




Dance, what can we explain it’s meaning ? I think , it show our emotion with music and act . It does not matter how much time pass , its meaning will be the same . Dance  can’t leave from music. They are always together .so , ıf the music change , dance figures do , too.

I said , dance showed our feelings . so do emotion change ? I don’t think so ,people love , hate , angry etc . It has been the same until now from last like folk’s values.


Dance also shows our folk’s tradition  and feeling . Each of act explains  another something . Sometimes it is suffering , sometimes it is love , sometimes it  is funny event , sometimes it is everything about one thing.

Maybe ,when we see at first, we can not understand its meaning . But if we know national’s culture , history etc.. , we can get it easily .

odissi-002 When can we dance our traditional dance ?  It is seen generally  everywhere when day is special for national . But this kind of dance  can be seen after the  wedding day , after birth , in religious holiday etc …

I just want to say , dance shows not only our feeling but also our national’s tradition no matter when it is time. Okey we always say ,everything is changing . Maybe , we are wrong . maybe the only thing unchanging is dance’s meaning.










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