The habitude is a behaviour sample to show .  We can’t choose by saying it is useful or harmful.A people can choose neither their parents nor their living in their environment.So, it shows that the habitudes are influenced from the environment.

    If people don’t find life valuable everytime ,he/she faces negative things and if that person is pessimistic, his/her habitude  will be bad.For example, he/she  can be addicted to cigarette,drug and alcohol.It isn’t just like cigarette or drug.It will be time trouble, the sleep problem , rude attitude towards people and environment.Of course the habitude isn’t one direction.To show around positive behaviour toward negative situation,to thank person who makes a mile, walk perpendiculirly,to  sport are good habitude.

      The habitude changes in time, for example the sleeping time.Sleeping is important need for people.This need shows different from people to people . It was said ‘Children  had to sleep nine hours.Than it was reduced by saying 8,7,6… .This is proportional changing of the world.As long as the world is changing, a lot of things become fast and increase.So while people are saying to catch up with it,they start to restrict meal or sleeping time.

  The changing didn’t affect only  sleeping or  eating.New needs, tastes and new habitude became.It is a simple sample,messages are used  instead of fumes for communacation, oven are used instead of wood to make a meal,cars are used instead of walking to go somewhere,people phone their friends are used to ask instead of visiting.If we want to give more  samples,to shop on the net,to pay by message our bills, to listen to lessons via tablets,to find out every illness by one research etc…

  The habitude is so wide concept.It is not only behaviours and remarks.For exmple mother and father words.We have been using two words since we started speaking. In addition to these good morning, i hope you will be good soon ,thank you such daily words are our some habitudes.There ,a word used in our times is ‘dude’.Its meaning isn’t known exactly, it sticks our language.

  Habitude is too different for us to change or to leave.The samples that i gave weren’t became quickly.We give up our bad behaviour either we understand our mistake or when we are in trouble.

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