The Coming Change with Eurovision

The coming variation with Eurovision

By Sümeyye Serenboy, Tarsus/Turkey. 

The Eurovision song competition  which most countries attend started in 1956 and it has been going on . It’s aim actually to make common broadcast. First , it was only song competition, peole generally singed the song with their languages. Than , people started to dance , wear gaudy clothes , sing their songs with common language(generally). So ,it happened to performance competition . it was too changed and the change is continuing .

I think, it is so good contest . Most countries can approach to each others . We can know various cultures .So called, it is only non- politic events along with countries.  But, while we are voting , we can approach politic owing to  the country is our neighbour. ıt was too existing in past but now it is reduced . Anyway , it is debatable topic.

I just want to say , the change is not in youth , their reference , technology, etc. The variation is everything . maybe , i cant  explain to give one sample, but you understand what i say.