From Generation to Generation


to generation from generation

By Sümeyye Serenboy, Tarsus/Turkey.

In 1967

My grandmother had big family. She had five sisters and six brothers, she was biggest child of their house . She did not study , because it was forbidden that girl children study.She narrated , one day while she was working , the teacher of village saw her , he went to speak to her father in order to educate her , they agreed , but than ,her father gave up to educate her . She worked in their field , cooked meal for her family. As she said , she could not live her life .


In 1988

My mother’s youth time ,she had four sister , her big sister went to somewhere to study , so she was the biggest daughter of  house . She did what her father and mother want to thing from her .When the television came to her living place first  , it was white – black , my mother and her sisters went to their neighbour in order to watch it. Next  , they bought it . She was spending her time helping to her father. She weared clothes which her father  bought . sometimes ,He bought big size cause she could wear forward . One school was in there that time , so she was going to school difficulty. When my grandpa died , she was 16 and had to leave from school . So , she had to work somewhere . She could not be job that she want .


In 2012

Our time is too different from old time. We want to evidence something to people . You see ,the young people is actor in most TV programme, we can announce our voice (sometimes it does not  work but we feel like important ourselves.),we can attend  social activities, we read books which we like, sport,  meet our friends etc…. Most of us have a special room , so we can be alone when we so bored. Most of us don’t have to work . When we want to something , it can be soon . We can buy lots of clothes. We can study in school which we want and go easily.  We are lucky . Maybe , somebody say opposite of it, but when we look old time, we can understand .

One Response to “From Generation to Generation”

  1. I also think that everything around us is changing and now life is easier than several years ago. Young people have everything what they want, the Internet, mobile phones, PCs. Our parents and grandparents lived in much more difficult times. They didn’t have contact with their friends via the Internet, education was a privilege for chosen people. A contemporary family mostly includes parents and one child. Some years ago a traditional family had at least several children. My both parents lived in the country, so they had to help their parents and sometimes they did not have enough time for studying. We should be grateful for our chance of an easier life.