Timerserver Youth

By Sümeyye Serenboy, Tarsus/Turkey.

We can’t say “the old times are the same now”. For example, my mother helped her father in her free time , my father did what was needed in his village, but now, my brother or most of his friends spend their time by playing with the computer, chatting their friends on telephone. As long as the technology develops, the young people connect it. Of course, i dont blame the technology, i just want to say to youth, namely we have to be careful. Because as long as we connect it, we will move away the real life. We can create a new life for ourselves and start to live in there. So , we want to meet new friends. Maybe we can find, but how much can they be real. We can’t realize first that it is so dangerous, but when the time goes forward, it will be too late to do something.

The elders are complaining about time and timeserver youth. But it is not all our fault. Okay, we think, maybe we can change something but they have to be with us. They are always saying that they are more experienced than us. So we need their help. They know, the world is changing. So, everything is changing. It is not the same now and old times.They have to keep up with it now.

One Response to “Timerserver Youth”

  1. The world is changing and the youth have a very big part in it. Young people influence the present and shape the future. I agree with you that our times are completely different from for example, our grandparents’ times. The youth prefer spending free time online or with their friends. They do not have such a big need of being with the family and society. They are more independent and introvert. But on the other hand, sometimes they are very sociable and communicative. The youth are a part of many different organisations, groups, clubs and have many interests. Young people are more self-confident and they know what they want from life. The youth should build the new world , based on their ancestors’ heritage but with a fresh, modern influence.