The power to build ourselves



By Sara Vantaggi, (1994) LSP / Assisi, Italy

School is the experience which shapes our identities the most. It is actually the creation of a small surrogate of modern society, with all the different kinds of people you could meet, all the challenges of a working life, the gratifications of study and diligence. What has changed my life since when I was a child is the improvement and the growth in the classroom. Together we have discovered what it means to live and cooperate, trying to help each other, correct our mistakes and learn from our own and other people’s experiences.

Of course a big change will be the choice of university, because it’s a decision that will mark our future forever. We have to be very lucid and convinced about what we want to be after adolescence. It’s all about growing up and going ahead without regrets. Maybe the world we will find won’t be the one we dreamed about, but beyond all the crisis, the political situation, the dreams and the choices we can always rely on ourselves and the destiny we choose to live.

After attending a linguistic high school for five years I see that choosing a scientific faculty would be a sensible decision that would allow me to mix all the different fields of knowledge I have gained through the years. In this way I would start to use the foreign languages for practical purposes, which, I think, makes them more useful than when they’re applied to something theoretical like literature. I don’t believe in culture which ends in itself, but in its application and the critical connection of all the skills we gain through the years, to keep up with the world. No one can be useful to society without knowing what he’s interested in. He needs a basis around which he can build his own life, including future purposes, work and aspirations. This means that every field of knowledge is fundamental to make society work, we can’t hierarchically divide people’s roles, but make everyone aware and conscious about the many things you can learn during your life.

The skills school creates are opportunities to grow and critically reflect on our past, making it a starting point for our future personality. I’m interested in biology and medicine: I’ll try to use my experience as a student, which has made me more empathic and keen to travel, to help people who actually need it, maybe moving to another country, in part to find more opportunities and in part to make my life more interesting. Of course I’ll have to work hard and face the most terrible events of life: diseases, troubles and death. I’ll certainly keep asking myself if I’ve made the right choice, if I was too ambitious or just not able to bear the life I chose. I can’t predict the future (this is just how I figure myself in 5 years) but what I know now is that I’m conscious of my abilities and limits, and that I’m moved by passion and by the will to help unlucky and needy people find a way to handle problems which are bigger than us.

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