The future is…

By Sara Brunozzi (1994) LSP Assisi/ Italy

How will your future be?
This question is asked because of the world economic crisis that in the past three years has shattered the whole world.

When I was little I always dreamed about my future.
I dreamed with my friends that future cars would fly and teachers would be robots. Now I’m eighteen years old and I find myself still thinking about my foreseeable future. The little girl of some years ago has grown a bit and now she recognizes that many of the expectations of the past have become reality. Sure, we haven’t travelled yet in flying cars but technology has taken important steps. If now I find myself writing with a computer and living in a world still closely linked to its traditions, in twenty years’ time I believe that technology will be lord even more than today and that new generations will be less suspicious about certain topics like homosexuality.

Have you ever imagined how your future could be? Have you ever imagined the impact of new technologies on the world?

Many people have done, like for example IBM, one of the biggest computer companies in the world that interviewed its 3,000 researchers to find out what they see in the foreseeable future.
The web site “Webnews” has posted an interesting article with a list of the most important inventions, drawn up by the company, that should appear within the next five years.

On the highest step of the podium we find the “holographic conversations”: the smartphones of tomorrow will project a three dimensional image of the interlocutor with whom it’s possible to talk.

Imagine more: your phone screen will not break anymore because of the new invention of smartphones with airbags!
The phone would land on the floor after a series of airbags have opened to protect it from the fall. Not a scratch.

There is also the “eternal” tablet, whose battery lasts several months without discharging, and the “flexible” mobile phone, made with folding materials.
They seem crazy inventions but they could really change our life!

Another example of new technologies, posted last June 2012 in the digital magazine “Webtime”, are the glasses, made by Google, that provide contextualized information in real-time, directly in front of our eyes.

While we approach tomorrow’s technologies, however, we must never forget the attention to safety and the protection of our privacy: even science fiction has warned of a future in which technology and the web could take away a lot of freedom.

What do you think about new technology?

Is it negative or positive for our future?

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