What influences our personal development? (4)

February 2nd, 2013 by przetaczek3anna3s

By Anna Przetaczek (1995), Katarzyna Sieradzka (1995), Anna Matyja (1995) LOK Krakow/Poland


Our personal development is influences by many factors, not one. At different stages of life, we have different priority and points of view.



KATARZYNA: Their opinions and points of view are very important for me. Especially when it is different than mine. It helps me to look at something in other way and think about it. Then I always think: ‘Maybe my parents are right’ and I’m looking for a good solution.







ANNA P: I learn new things from different branches. When I know how something works,  it helps me understand how important it is for our life or planet. School also changes my system of values.  When my teachers say: ‘Science is the most important thing in your age’  I think they may be right.



ANNA, KATARZYNA, ANNA: For them we learn how to organise our day. We must find time for the most important things (school, homework, additional lessons) and have a few minutes on the same day to talk with friends (on the phone or Facebook).



ANNA M: Sport teaches me humility and persistence. It allows me to relax, stay in shape and above all set into a good mood. It also helps me understand that if I want something, I can achieve it.



ANNA M: Music plays a crucial role in my life. It helps me to de-stress. When I come home from my school, I always listen to music for some time and only later I do my homework and learn.




ANNA P: Music helps me appreciate what I have. Especially hip-hop and rap music. It is so real. It shows that life is not as colorful as we see it in movies. Music shows that all over the world there are illnesses, poverty and people are starving. It also changes the system of values.



KATARZYNA: It is very important to me. It helps me relax and calm dawn when I’m angry. I love playing on guitar in my room and thinking about life. Music also changes my system of values.



And what about you guys? What influences your personal development?


My city in the past and now – Grzegorzki quarter

January 26th, 2012 by przetaczek3anna3s

by Anna Przetaczek (1995), LOK Krakow/Poland

In the past, Grzegorzki was an old village located on the left bank of the Old Vistula. But Grzegórzecka street was known in the Middle Ages. On this street during 1893-1896, there was a building of the Jagiellonian Medical College.

On Grzegórzecka street, there was also a bridge. In the XIX century, when the ancient river bed of Vistula was buried, the bridge became a viaduct and remained so until today. It is one of the oldest surviving bridges in Kraków.

In the past, on Grzegórzecka street there weren’t shops where you could buy something to drink and if you wanted to get here, you had to go on foot.. Nowadays, on this street, there is our school VIII LO. Today Grzegorzecka is one of the most important streets for the Kraków transport.