What influences our personal development? (4)

By Anna Przetaczek (1995), Katarzyna Sieradzka (1995), Anna Matyja (1995) LOK Krakow/Poland


Our personal development is influences by many factors, not one. At different stages of life, we have different priority and points of view.



KATARZYNA: Their opinions and points of view are very important for me. Especially when it is different than mine. It helps me to look at something in other way and think about it. Then I always think: ‘Maybe my parents are right’ and I’m looking for a good solution.







ANNA P: I learn new things from different branches. When I know how something works,  it helps me understand how important it is for our life or planet. School also changes my system of values.  When my teachers say: ‘Science is the most important thing in your age’  I think they may be right.



ANNA, KATARZYNA, ANNA: For them we learn how to organise our day. We must find time for the most important things (school, homework, additional lessons) and have a few minutes on the same day to talk with friends (on the phone or Facebook).



ANNA M: Sport teaches me humility and persistence. It allows me to relax, stay in shape and above all set into a good mood. It also helps me understand that if I want something, I can achieve it.



ANNA M: Music plays a crucial role in my life. It helps me to de-stress. When I come home from my school, I always listen to music for some time and only later I do my homework and learn.




ANNA P: Music helps me appreciate what I have. Especially hip-hop and rap music. It is so real. It shows that life is not as colorful as we see it in movies. Music shows that all over the world there are illnesses, poverty and people are starving. It also changes the system of values.



KATARZYNA: It is very important to me. It helps me relax and calm dawn when I’m angry. I love playing on guitar in my room and thinking about life. Music also changes my system of values.



And what about you guys? What influences your personal development?


3 Responses to “What influences our personal development? (4)”

  1. I think that all of the things that you mentioned influence me too, but my friends influence me the most. Before I started gymnasium I had been shy, quiet and couldn’t fend for myself. But since I started attending it I met a lot of amazing people who taught me how to be myself, how to be comfortable with what I’m feeling and how to not be afraid to express my opinion. All in all, I think that the most important things or people in our lives have the biggest influence on us and in my case these are my friends.

  2. It is nice that you have very good relationship with your brother :) I also have a brother but he is six years younger than me. I think that I am a sample for him. I try to give him good advices. I don’t have a lot of time to spend with him, but when I have some, I want to teach him something and also to learn something from him. He tries to teach me playing football and I think, I am pretty good in this sport now. :) (My brother is that guy on first photo :) )

  3. Valerie: My brother who is six years older:

    My brother is very important to me. I admire him and I like the way he is thinking about environment. He is ecology-minded, and so he doesn’t eat meat and usually uses the bike or public transport. He studies in Vienna and I love to visit him. I think he influences my mind.