Dutch traces in Buxtehude – a town where the dogs bark with their tails

by Rike Peters (1995), Philine Behrens (1995); Halepaghen-Schule Buxtehude Germany

Many people simply take it for a joke if somebody says he or she is from Buxtehude. However, this town and its special dogs really do exist:

Buxtehude, a beautiful town, is located near Hamburg. It has an old part with half-timbered houses and about 38000 people are living there. On Sunday mornings, at weddings, funerals or if fire breaks out, the dogs always bark with their tails. To understand this phenomenon you have to read the following story…

The whole misunderstanding is the Dutchmen’s fault. In the 13th century Dutch engineers came to Buxtehude helping the inhabitants to gain more profit out of their products. Ringing the church bells still with a big hammer, the people needed a lot of force. To improve the way of ringing the bells, the Dutchmen fixed a long rope (looking like a „tail“) to the bell which they called „Hunte“. The Dutch word „Hunte“ could be understood as the German word „Hunde“ which means „dog“. Every time they rang the bell the inhabitants said the dogs were barking with their tails.

This makes us obvious that studying different languages is important to avoid misunderstandings although they are sometimes funny and help certain cities to become famous…

Presentation of Hamburg

by Rike Peters (1995) and Philine Behrens (1995), Halepaghen-Schule Buxtehude (Germany)

This is a presentation about all the important sights and places in Hamburg.

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Comenius Vorstellung Hamburg Rike und Philine