Influence of passion on human development

December 10th, 2012 by janczur3patryk3s

   Patryk Janczur 1995 LOK /Kraków

In  this article generally I want to tell you about my development and changes, as it leter turns out, passion  has the biggest influence on my personality and on my life.

It started about 3 years ago, that is when I was in secondary school in  the second form. I became friends with weird boy, he was shy and he couldn’t play football, that was very interesting. One day I asked him:
“what are you interested in?”

“ridin my bike, all day all night!”

“just riding?”

“no, it’s just a part of this wild sport He explained.

“So what exactly do you do” – I asked.

“You se, it’s not simple. I will show you.”
And every day , in school, he explained me what it looks like. He showed me his movies of his riding. I was so impressed. (It’s his movie from the previous year)
“It looks so d**n fantastic! Isn’t it dangerous?”

“yeah, it is but that makes it so cool.”
He encouraged to such an extent that I bought an extreme bike and I learned everything step by step.
Today I don’t imagine my world without the bike. It’s like my kid or baby. When I have although some free time, I get on the bike and ride in the nearest skatepark. When I doing it,  the world stops and I just focus on gimmick. Of course my mum always says that it’s too dangerous and she wants me to stop it, but I usually don’t listen to her. I don’t know what other people, without the passion, do in free time.I don’t even want to know cause certainly it’s terribly boring. This thing makes my more patient, persevere, when something doesn’t want to go the right way as it could.

Secondly, I meet a lot of  jaunty, lively people who doing the same thing. We can talking about the bikes or girls all the time. When someone falls, always anyone comes and helps to stand up. We are like a big family with one target, develop our passion.
How does it work for you? Do you have any passion which affects your life?



Text messages in our live

March 31st, 2012 by janczur3patryk3s

By Patryk Janczur (1995), Tomasz Koziel (1995), Mateusz Lepa (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland.

As you know SMS is an important form of communication. In the past , letters were only way to contact
with others. Sms’es cut down time to contact between people. Sending smses
takes much less time than writing traditional letters. The sms language has become
shorter and simpler than in the past. We don’t use full words , honorifics ,
word such as: “Good morning” , “Good bye”. In Poland we use
emoticons like “xD” , “:D

:* “, “<3”
to express our emotions. And your country : do you use short texts ? We often
send letters. In Poland
country an SMS costs about 0,17PLN, and how much is it in your country ?
And now, we have a puzzle for You. How do You think, what does it mean?
“ Lo, wassup? Werru? I wan2 see ya qix.
I hv a lot of work yesterday but 2day
I’m f2t .
You r so 1daful, Cn we meet a3 pls?
Aml, cmb! ;*”
The answers please give in comments


January 28th, 2012 by janczur3patryk3s


By Marta Tomczyk & Patryk Janczur, Kraków/Poland 

How come that a crew of a submarine doesn’t have to flow on the
surface water to see what happens on the land?
The answer is a Polish person doscovered a very useful thing.
sometimes called “The eye of submarine”. Thanks to this invention,
crews of submarines can see what happens on the land when they are under water.
The other adventage is that it allows to see things which are out of sight.
Periscope was the invention of Jan Heweliusz – one of the most popular and one of the
best Polish astronomer. He madeit by two putting mirrors into a bent pipe. This inventione is used, for example, in military technology.
Today, the most important and well-known application of periscope is in
submarines. It allows to observe land without a submarine going to the surfance.
Periscope was invented to save submarines and protect them against the enemies
Before this invention, a lot of submarines attacked by planes or other ships. Due the
peiscope soliders can prevent themselves from these kinds of attacks.