Text messages in our live

By Patryk Janczur (1995), Tomasz Koziel (1995), Mateusz Lepa (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland.

As you know SMS is an important form of communication. In the past , letters were only way to contact
with others. Sms’es cut down time to contact between people. Sending smses
takes much less time than writing traditional letters. The sms language has become
shorter and simpler than in the past. We don’t use full words , honorifics ,
word such as: “Good morning” , “Good bye”. In Poland we use
emoticons like “xD” , “:D

:* “, “<3”
to express our emotions. And your country : do you use short texts ? We often
send letters. In Poland
country an SMS costs about 0,17PLN, and how much is it in your country ?
And now, we have a puzzle for You. How do You think, what does it mean?
“ Lo, wassup? Werru? I wan2 see ya qix.
I hv a lot of work yesterday but 2day
I’m f2t .
You r so 1daful, Cn we meet a3 pls?
Aml, cmb! ;*”
The answers please give in comments

6 Responses to “Text messages in our live”

  1. At first I want to say that everyone who is fond of texting should read this article. But I want to emphasize that sms spoil the grammar of the writing. You can even forget the spelling of your native words. Although SMS take less time to write, we can try to write more correctly.

  2. There are abbreviations in Lithuania, too. We use lots of shortenings and smiles to express our emotions on the mobile phone. SMS costs about 0,20LT.
    My friends and I like such style of communicating. It helps to save time and it’s very handy.

  3. Hello guys, this is Sarah Gittermann and Jacqueline Clever, we tried to translate your text. Here is our solution:
    “Hello, what is up? Where are you? I want to see you at six. I have a lot of work yesterday but today I`m free to talk. Your are so wonderful, can we meet at 3 please? All my love, call me back! Kisses”

  4. hey, we really liked your article!
    Here in Germany we often send sms to contact friends because it is quick and really cheap. We usually pay between 0,11 and 0,19euros per sms.
    So, we tried to decode the message :)
    “Little one, what’s up? Where are you? I want to see you quickly. I have a lot of work yesterday but today I’m free to talk. You’re so wonderful, can we meet anywhere, anytime, any place please?
    All my love, call me back! :* ”
    Is it right ? :D

  5. You did an amusing job. Text messages are very important for all teenagers nowadays, because young people write messages every day and every moment. I think messaging is a really good way to communicate because it is faster to contact in this way than to write a real paper letter. But SMS has one big disadvantage. We write short forms and shorter words in SMS, so later it is possible that we will write worse in the real life, in the lessons. I don’t use shorter words, because in my opinion it is not so hard to write the full words.
    We also use emotions in Lithuania like you, we use same “smiles”. So I believe “smiles” is one of the world language, which everyone understands.
    Keep smiling and messaging!

  6. What can I say? Short, but original article! :D
    Talking about SMS prices, in Lithuania it is from 0,00 LTL (free short messages! :D). So, that’s why we can’t put our cell phones away.

    And now, there’s a translation:
    “Hello, what’s up? Where are you? I want to see you quick. I had a lot of work yesterday but today I’m free to talk.
    You are so wonderful, can we meet anytime, please?
    All my love, call me later!”

    Tell me if I’m wrong. :D