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By Patrycja Pluta (1995) LOK Krakow/Poland

         I admit that I’m not keen on reading and I know that it is my bad side. However, I’m a big fan of the cinema. I think that a day without a movie, is a wasted day”. The cinema accompanied the development of our culture since the beginning of the 20th century. Although we know that this is a brilliant invention, it was not always so. So, for over 100 years, the comedies made people laugh, the romances moved, we were kept in suspense by action movies. But what really defines a good movie ? Is it a story, swift action, interesting dialogues, good camera work, special effects? What do you think? In my opinion, these elements are important in a good movie, the most important one is the ability to induce emotions in the viewers after watching the movie, and encourage to some reflection.

         Below I write 5 movies which have influenced my life and made me think. What is more, they changed in my way of thinking and seeing the world at different stages of my life. Sometimes the reason of changing was a big dose of inspiration, positive energy, and sometimes just a hint of sadness and feeling moved.

For people with strong nerves:

      The Green Mile                                  

The movie tells us mainly about a black prisoner who was convicted for the murder some sisters. As it later turns out not to be right. The film has such an impact on the viewer’s emotions that I do not believe that even the thougest macho during the final scene did not shed a tear. The first time I watched this film I was fifteen. And some scenes I could not look at. Maybe because I was a very sensitive person. But now I’m stronger. I really went through every moment with the main hero. Thanks to this film, I understood that not everything in this world is fair. Mainly, it is about the equality amond  people. I saw that we mustn’t judge people by their skin color. So the world should fight with rasizm-I will be. Since I watched this film, I evaluate every situation objectively.

Now something romantic:

The Walk to remember

is a 2002 American coming-of-age teen romantic drama film. The film offered to watch true love, sacrifice and how to makes dreams come true despite a fatal disease. I was especially moved by one quotation: ”Love is like a wind-  you do not see it, but you feel it”. I understood what true love means. Through this film, I became more romantic. And now I know that the life is too short and you  have to enjoy every moment, which you live through.

Something of the history of Poland:

      The Pianist

The movie was awarded an Oscar. “The Pianist” is a fictionalized biography of a great musician – Wladyslaw Szpilman who, being a Jew, survived the hell of World War II. His story is close to us as the film took place inWarsaw, and most of the problems are associated with the history of our country. This film allows me to imagine how people lived and how many people died during the war .It was a striking picture of war. And now, I really appreciate that we don’t have to live in fear, from day to day.

The Cast Away

The film tells the story of a modern Robinson Crusoe. During one trip, the plane which was crashed, and our hero is left alone on a desert island. I understood that everybody needs a moment of loneliness to look at themselves deep  inside and see the bad side and change them. I’m also close to nature like the main hero.

And at the end something we all know:


A love story of an impoverished aristocrat and artistically talented immigrant who fall in love with each other.

Unfortunately, the disaster separates them . The film passes from generation to generation and it will never be  boring. The fist time I watched it with my mother. She was crying , I was crying – it was crazy. I loved this history. Now I believed in love and believe that it doesn’t matter what we have and what we are – love hasn’t changed.


It’s my proposition, I’m also curious films affected you. If you have an interesting film, which changed your life, please write about it. I would love to watch it and discuss it.


How did the Polish people fight with government and how was it affected of life in Poland and other countries ?

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by Marta Tomczyk (1995), Patrycja Pluta (1995), LOK Krakow/Poland

When the second World War ended, people hoped that their life would be better. Unfortunately, after the end of the War Poland started to be ruled by Communist Soviets. People did not get used to this reality and they tried to fight with communism in many ways.

Firstly, all the time people tried to show their non-compliance by strikes. The most terrible ones took place in the 70ies of the 20th century-people did not go to work and started to strike. Because of communism,  people were poor and often had nothing to eat. What is the worst, dozens of people were killed as a result of this system.

Another example of fighting was the Solidarity Movement, created by Lech Wałęsa in 1980. In my opinion, the creation of it was the most important event which caused the end of communism. Thanks to that, other countries and Poland believed again that communism could be overthrown and we could go back to normal life. The existence of the Solidarity Movement and its fight for freedom was appreciated by people in the whole world, which was confirmed by a Nobel Peace Prize for the creator this Movement.

Finally, the end of Polish people’s fight was the Round Table Talks. These were talks between the Polish government ruled by Soviets and Lech Walesa’s Solidarity. As a result of, these talks the first free election took place in Poland. After this event, in many other countries of Eastern Block, similar government-opposition talks were held. For example, in Hungary there were the Triangular Table Talks in 1989.

In conclusion, Polish people tried to fight with communism in a lot of ways: through strikes, non-compliance, creation of Solidarity. In those times, people could not enjoy life, they had to care about their future and fight for their free country.

How did people from your countries fight for freedom or for better life?

Did they have to fight against their government or the system?

Polish contribution into the world development- Bulletproof vest

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By Patrycja Pluta(1995), LOK Krakow/Poland.
One of Polish inventors was Jan Szczepanik.
He held several hundred patents and made over 50 discoveries, many of which are still used today,
especially in the motion picture industry, photography, and television.
The most interesting one was a bulletproof vest. So, when he discovered another way of
weaving carpet convex.He applied this new type of weaving material
to protective clothing.He produced the bulletproof vests and
other things with it. This vest perfectly protected people against the bullets of guns.
This vest was tested twice. One of those trials tookplace in Kraków.
And those tests showed that the ballistic vest of Jan Szczepanik resisted
the bullets, which perfectly went through pine boards or metal sheets.
The bulletproof vest brought Jan international fame.
Once this vest saved the life of king Alfonso XIII of Spain.
Because of that, Jan Szczepanik was awarded the Order Isabella the Catholic.