By Bayram Doğan (1996) Tarsus/Turkey.


Our families are growing up with us again. They lived in their youth, according to their age. But time brings  development and change. For this reason,while there are bringing up us they should act according to our age we need.Because the world is changing. Our mission is to help our families to adapt to this new era. So we should get on well with them better. Otherwise they obstruct us because they think we are in trouble .We should be good models for them.

They should spend the time with our business. Everything they have learned from us will be a piece of us.  Thus, we will make them ready for our day. For example, they can also listen the kind of music we listen or share the books we read, watch films together. The compliance of each case and time will allow them to close us increasingly . So the important thing is  to do things together not what we do.

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