Human beings have changed unbelievably with the social media and the improving communication systems. In our standarts, likes and attitudes to people there have been serious differences.

  Of course I mean  firstly “FacelidCwFkZnuwbook” when I say “social media”. This is the most preferred  one today. Because Twitter has a specifical style, people head for Facebook where they can feel more comfortable and active. Other  websites stay in the background because of not being  able to introduce themselves and not having a software as  professional as Facebook has. These are the effects making  people head for Facebook. Now is the time to talk about the social media and world’s changes on Facebook and Twitter. With these websites people have experienced nearly an evolution. Firtsly news media has changed; people witnessed an event anywhere in the World at the same time, the visuals and the contents obtained from the media were commented on and shared. By starting a small activity created on Facebook “Arabian Spring” was begun and all the World got this through the social media.


  Person having  a higher degree education and making sharings about books, movies etc. by remarking names of owners creates awareness on people. Twitter also makes reading habit increase.  Share buttons formed for social media area have become one of the important things inspiriting to culture. We also have the chance to get in contact with somebody we are fan of (writers, singers etc.). One of my friends said “New generation grows up as antisocial because of using internet much more than it is necessary.” Actually I don’t agree on this idea. Because, being antisocial isn’t owing to  the internet, but is because of being unconscious about how to use the internet. If we behave consciously and control ourselves, we won’t be addicted to the internet. So it is better to make little time for the internet than spend our all day on these websites.

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