Understanding Teenagers (3)

By Selay Oksasoglu, Tarsus/Turkey.

In my opinion parents should be more careful in this respect. “We are not able to spare enough time to our children” it is not possible to solve the problem with this excuse. It just causes the problem to continue and when they blame their children, it shows parents aren’t mindful. It is a big responsibility to bear children. Much as most parents claim that they carry out this responsibility properly, to do this is not as easy as families think. If we consider this generation, in general the young able to set balance in their lives are very rare. For instance; Unfortunately we do not often meet people both having a good useful social enviroment and being successful. These people need someone to direct them and in this situation the most important duty belongs to parents. Kindergarten education has just been obligatory. Children go to kindergarten but it is necessary to education to continue at home as well. I think every family has to have information about child development and in today’s conditions. It is very easy to do this (child care family consultancy, child development boks and so on can be applied). The young are complained about to spend much time on Twitter, Facebook and many social share network sites like these ones, but today it is very normal to spend time on these ones. What is important is how much time they spend. If a person’s social enviroment is enough, she-he does not need to spend time on cyber world.Only thing to do for families whose children spends much time on the internet is asking themselves : “Why does he-she prefer spending time on the internet to spending time with us?” not enlarging problems by complaining about. If parents say “Our parents didn’t spare time to us, either” children are by all means innocent because there are two generations between parent’s parents and parent’s children. As a result “The world is changing and the only thing we should do is keeping pace with it”