Comparing English Teachers

By Selay Oksasoglu, Tarsus/Turkey.

I compare two teachers. A young one with an old one. The young teacher’s name is Kemal EMİRLER, he is teacher for 2 years. The old teacher’s name is Can OKŞAŞOĞLU, he is teacher for 26 years. We asked them to espulate the good and bad sides of being teacher.

Good sides
-To see student’s success gladdens us.
-To be able to assist undergoing family problems.
-To enable students far from their lessons to begin to study through persuasion.
-To gain love and confidence of students making them feel you care and value them.
-To reward students to escand their success, to organise social activities so that they will feel related socially.

Bad sides
-Working seven days of a week may be tiring.
-Unrest of being considered from outside as only a business place.
-Unfair competition as well as economic problems lead sometimes arising to negative effects on us.
-Streets resulting from annual inspection.

And twice Mr. EMİRLER explained:

Good sides
-To find solution to every kind of problems of students easily and manage to assist them.
-To be able to make friends with students not only at work but also social enviroments without exceeding.
-For students to be able to use what they have learned from me.
-Their consulting me on university and branch choise.
-Yo be able to exchange information mutually in the work circle between teachers.

Bad sides
-Not to give enough importance to education in some corparations.
-Being unable to interact with students by teachers.
-Difficulties students face in exams on account of not brushing up on vocabulary they have learnt and sentence patterns in time.
-Not being able to comment on reading passages owing to focusing on words so much: as a result not comprehending passages well enough.