Nowadays people connect many tasks, we all becamemasters at multi tasking.Do you yourself do many things at once? Most of the people do,ever such things as watcing a movie at the cinema and eating become in seperable.

Only a decades ago watching a movie was some sort of a miracle and now people disrespect it.Everybody eat and text message while watching a movie.And that’s not all, people also throw litter all around and leave food rolling on the ground when they created a such thing as a movie, for it to be disrespected in so many way?

Further more we not only disrespect the movie, but also we don’t respect eating habits. Instead of enjoying a meal in a private surrounding with close people, we eat junk food at a  cinema, wich is not only disrespectful but also unhealthy for us. What we need to ask ourselves is : do we want to discrespect not only traditions but also our health?

My opinion, seeing that culture and health is as importand as economics should be a value that every person must have. Do you disagree?