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    I have been interested in Rock&Metal Music for about 5 years and I wonder if you like it too. I have a topic to discuss, nevertheless I don’t really know if you would like to talk : I would like to know your opinion about replaceing christian churches with previous temple which many churches now [...]

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    I first started to listen german rappers when I was 16 and I was amazed with this style and lyrics.  I am looking for someone who likes same artists as I do.  I would like to discuss following singers: Frauenarzt,  Blokkmonsta, Schwartz, Uzi, Kaisa. That’s but a part of my favourite singers so If anyone [...]

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    So You like talking about people around you? You’ll have a problem here, so many people to talk about, many nationalities gathered in one place. If you would like to discuss about someone, write to me if possible. Having the sam problem gives peole an opportunity to talk ;)

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    Das Mittel zum Erfolg ist Aggro bleiben!

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