Football influences my personal development.

December 1st, 2012 by lepa3mateusz3s

By Mateusz Lepa (1995) LOK Krakow/Poland


Sport is a very important thing in my life. Since my childhood I’ve  been playing football. When I was younger I played in “Czarni Staniątki” for 3 years, I made a big progress and coaches transferred me to a better club “Puszcza Niepołomice”.

Taking part in trainings had a big influence on my conscientiousness and health. I had to train once a day which was exhausting and demanding. When graduated from primary school, I had a big problem I had to choose between education and football. I found a solution. I went to a sport junior high school. There, I got to know to do both things. This taught me how to achieve my target.


PS Do you like and practice any sport? What is your favourite football club?

Souvenirs from the past and their contemporary equivalents – “Radio”

December 27th, 2011 by lepa3mateusz3s

by Mateusz LEPA (1995), LOK Krakow/Poland

One of the most influential invention is the Radio.
The prefix-radio in the sense of wireless transmission was first recorded in the word radioconductor, a description provided by the French physicist Edouard Branly in 1897. However it is Guglielmo Marconi who is considered to be an inventor of first radio in 1898.
To radio was used to desiguated to communicate between people. It was a very usefull tool in the army during the I and II World Wars. It was also used to broadcast news
In the twenty centures thanks to the public access to radio broadcast in Poland people had possibility to participate in very important historical events for example: the announcement about introducing the martial law I Poland in 1981-83, and the selection of Polish Pope John Paul II.
Nowadays the radio is used mainaly to lisining to music and the news in every single part of our lives.
Today, the radio looks like this: