Unmotivated Youth

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By Loreta Matačiūtė and Saulė Drakšaitė, Silute pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania.

Unmotivated youth is an enormous problem. It’s like a plague, and rarely anyone feels it coming. But what are the characteristics of it and how do we reduce the amount of unmotivated people?

skipping school


Skipping school – one of the bigger problems, that unmotivation might cause.  It affects school work, even social life and can make huge problems later.

procrastination #1


One of the issues, which is seen not only among unmotivated people, but basically among everyone who are acquainted with latest technologies, is the never-ending usage of computers (and we mostly use them not for school work). It makes people forget, linger and finally, feel indifferent towards everything.

procrastination #2


One of the phases, when you’re unmotivated – procrastination. And brooding, with deep thoughts and indecisions, attempts to find the meaning of life, to find the right way how to live the rest of it.

sketchy places, sketchy peopledrinkin problems


Some people find a way and are able to avoid over-thinking. But their way is not a good one either. Smoking, doing drugs, drinking – students often do those things not because they want to be grown ups, but because they can’t find any other choice.

procrastination #3


But the other part of unmotivated youth refuse to destroy their bodies – they destroy their sanity. And procrastinate even more.

make a change, yo


This issue makes the future leaders of the world become self-destructive and miserable and the only way we can help ourselves is to be more aware of this problem and try to change our mindset. Try to be positive, be friendlier with everyone, if you can, give some advice to those, who need it. Sometimes,  a few words can change everything, and you might not even know it.

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  1. Congratulations, Loreta and Saulė! You treated a big problem (not only of the young people) in two very creative ways. But what is the reason of it? It is a topic absolutely worth to be discussed, because it has an important influence both on the future of the individual life and the development of the society.