Is media the “frenemy” of our generation? (6)

By Loreta Matačiūtė (1997), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania.

Media is the concept everyone is familiar with and there’s no secret, that we all are more or less addicted to it. We have a need to fulfill our curiosity of what’s happening in the world. Our generation wants to know everything about anything, even if we will never be capable of memorizing it. And the internet, newspapers and television – it all helps us to feel more powerful, full of knowledge, no matter what kind of knowledge it actually is.

But usually there’re two different sides of any matter, two different opinions. I’ll try to express both of them in this article and my main concern and question is, if we could call media the “frenemy” (friend/enemy) of our generation?

Everyone has to agree, media gives us a lot of useful information. And there exists not only the dull and boring part of it, there’s also a world of entertainment, a windmill of gossip, fashion, various examples of other people’s lives. It’s an attraction for a lot of us, which we managed to make our own way of relaxation after days full of stress and work. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be educational, because after all, young people get enough of that in school. I made a small survey, too, just for my curiosity, though, where I asked my 20 friends (age 15-22) two simple questions:

And as you can see, the entertaining part of media is much more enjoyed by young people. So I can make a conclusion, that media is pretty much inseparable from people of this age, too.

But people tend to be suspicious of mostly everything and one can wonder if all the information they give us is true?  Jim Morrison once said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” and we can only wonder if there’s any truth in that. We currently live in a world were lying is such a casual thing, although it’s intolerable at the same time. As an example we can use the moon landing conspiracy theories, which are well known to the world. Also, lots of us agree, that the entertaining part of media is actually brainwashing that gives you false truth, phenomena that don’t actually exist in real world. Lots of such programs aren’t educational per se, so are they even worth watching?

So here’s my question – do you believe in everything you see on your screens, do you only use media as a way to communicate with others, to spend your free time? And is it a friend, an enemy of yours, or maybe both? Should we change something in it, because after all, it’s a huge part of our lives?

2 Responses to “Is media the “frenemy” of our generation? (6)”

  1. I’m glad to hear your opinion! As I said before, nothing is black and white, and of course it depends on what kind of media you’re using and so on.

  2. naujokat3c3s says:

    I would say, media is more like a friend than an enemy. It has many posotive aspects, like giving us the possibility to comunicate with others or use it for educations. I often use the internet for investigating information I need for school and so far, most things I looked up were right. Televison for example helps a lot to broadcast news. There are many intresesting documantaries with a content, which is actually true. There are also many great movies, so it is useful for entertaining as well. I like to spend my free time with watching movies.
    But you are right that not everything said in media has to be a correct information. Mostly in the internet, we find many wrong facts. Because of that, I don’t belive in every information I find in media especially in the internet.
    But still, I don’t think we should change something in it. If we check the reliability of the information, we can use the media like we do now.