Workshops in Lithuania. Artistic installation

By Loreta Matačiūtė, Šilutės Pirmoji gimnazija/Lithuania, and others.

In this group worked Gintare Bernotaite, Loreta Mataciute, Zivile Buivydaite, Gabriele Macijauskaite, Desiree Schreiberhuber, Marcel Knebel, Cioccoloni Deborah, Gulia Manini and Tomek Tos.

We thought about the question „What makes us happy?“ Then we drew all our imaginations in to the poster. They are all different, but they all express joy and happiness. We all worked together on different projects. Someones drew and other ones painted. Then we wrote sentenses on our languages.

People tried to write what does happiness mean to them. Many drawnings are about friends, friendship, love,… others are common things in different countries.

Diversity is what makes this work beatiful.

By Giulia Manini and Desiree Schreiberhuber