How music affects my life.

By Marlena Nowak (1995) LOK Krakow/Poland

When I was in kindergarten, I was learning how to dance and sing. I was watching music programms on TV and trying to be like a “superstar” in front of the television set. I had cymbals and small drums, but my favourite toys were a small guitar and pink microphone. I couldn’t “play” on everything at the same time, so I focused on the guitar :) . Now I know, that I wasn’t good at beeing a “singer” and “guitarist”, but then I thought that I was really great…

In primary school I had guitar and singing lessons. I was singing in the school choir and sometimes playing the giutar there. My dream was to be a singer in the future… Music I was listening to was for example Polish POP, songs, which I heard on school discos. They weren’t very ambitious, but they were fashionable among my friend.

Now I’m in high-school. I changed my priorities and music taste, but music is really important to me. When I go to school, I use my earphones and listen to favourie songs. It gives me positive energy for the whole day! Sometimes I hum songs, which I heard on TV or radio. It de-stresses me…

My mum says, that “music smoothes customs”. I think that it’s true. If I had an argument with my parents, or had problem- I listen to music and play the guitar. When school drives me crazy, I listen to calm music and- I can say- it helps me to relax. But if I have a good mood I sing and hum all day (my friends hate it and beg me to stop, but I can’t… sometimes it’s stronger than me!).
I started my “adventure” with music when I was a child. Now I’m 17 and I know, that my love for music will never stop.

How about you? Do you have any hobbies which are so important to you as music is to me?

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  1. To Veronika:

    I completely understand you. I’ve got the same. Music, which we’re listening to, really helps us to vent our emotions. When we’re happy- we’re listening to energetic, fast songs. When we’re sad- we listen to slow, atmospheric songs. It depends of our emotions what want we to listen to.
    I was in some concerts of famous Polish artists and I know that feeling when a lot of people are singing one song. Everybody has smile on their face. It doesn’t matter if someone is old or young. Music brings people together!

    Thanks for comment,

  2. I can really relate to your love for music. I play the transverse flute since primary school and I listen to music nearly 24/7, so it became a huge part of my life. Music helps me when I have a difficult time and I need some time for myself to relax and clear my mind, but also when I’m happy I want to be surrounded by music. Last year I finally went to concerts of my two favourites bands and it was absolutely amazing. The feeling of being part of a crowd, which loves the same music as you and sings together with you every song, is just electrifying!
    When I was young I wanted to be singer too. I still remember that I watched films like “High School Musical” and sang along to all the songs and by doing so I think I drove my brothers crazy sometimes. :)

  3. To Lea:

    I like many kinds of music… But my favourite is rock. I love System of a Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and I like Slipknot, Green Day, and some Polish groups (e.g. COMA, Dżem…) too. I’m not listening only rock.. Many songs, which I like are made by POP, Metal, R&B or Reggae artists.
    I believe you, that reading books is really addictive, but I didn’t come across to any good book, so I don’t like reading books… I’ve got many books, which I must read to school, but most of them are uninteresting.
    I like languages. I was learning Spanich, French but now I don’t have many time to continue languages lessons, so I learn English and Deutsch at school.
    Thanks for comment!
    Greetings from Poland.

  4. Hello!
    I really like your article because I love music as well. Although I do not play an instrument I still like listening to music. In the moment, I especially like pop-punk music like Green Day or The All-American Rejects, but I also like pop, rock, soul, classic, country and a lot of other music styles. Which music do you prefer?
    As you described in your article, music can have a calming effect. But there are also songs that make me feel sad, happy or angry. That is why I like music that much. But for the same reason, I like literature. I started reading when I was five and wrote my first story at this age, too. Now, I do not write a lot anymore, but I still love to read (I think I have more than 100 books in my room). My favourite genre is dystopian fiction but I also like fantasy a lot because I like to imagine I was in a different world. In the last years I also found out that I like languages in general a lot. This is the reason why I take part in Comenius. Do you like languages and literature, too?

    Greetigs from Germany
    Lea Stöhlker