Growing up: ready to take the risk? (2)

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By Maria Ansideri (1993) LSP Assisi / Italy

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I attend  the last year of secondary school and  I will have to take my  exams in July. We call these exams MATURITÀ which means maturity. This final test has this name because the student involved  is supposed to be responsible by now, and after the exams he will have his future before him, and will have to take one of the most important choices of his life.

In September I will have to choose what I will study at university and this choice is very difficult!

Perugia is an important university city where people from all parts of  Italy come to attend courses. The most important Faculties in Perugia are Law and Medicine, but there are many more too. We also have the university for foreign students which attracts  people from different countries.

But the course that I would like to attend, oriental languages,  is not in Perugia.

If I go out of  Umbria, my region,  I will have to be sure that I’m making the right choice and be ready to leave my family and friends.  If I make  this choice I will have to be very responsible because I will have to live alone and organize my life without my parents’ help.

I think it will be an important way to grow up, full of responsibility,  but it will also be a way to understand what I really want in my life.

I think that all the  students of my age in the last year of school find themselves  in difficulty when faced with the question:

“ What do you want to do after school? What will you study at university?”

The answer is not easy  because a person  of 19 or 20 is not sure yet of who he is and of what he wants. A lot of people  think “I want to do this university because I like it and it is what I want to do” but there is also the possibility that something won’t go as planned, and at this point it becomes a problem because even if you believe  completely  in what you are  doing, you may fail.

The question is this: How much am I  willing to risk?

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