The vote: our voice

foto comenius

By Margot Masci (1994) LSPAssisi/Italy

Photo by Margherita Tiriduzzi (1994) LSP Assisi/Italy

Everything started on  January 1st 1945: universal suffrage was granted by the Italian government after the second world war, meaning in that  year the right to vote was  extended to women, who until then were  still excluded from the political life of the country.
This fundamental turning point must be seen as a  powerful change: Italy was no longer a totalitarian State but a democratic Republic.
Everything was now possible thanks to  the Italian citizens who, by means of elections,  had decided their own kind of government  and   had chosen to fight for their own ideas in a democratic  way.

That vote was the first and  also the most important one, because it started a new era for our country and influenced all the following  political decisions.

Nowadays we feel as if  the vote is losing its value more and more:  the Italian and the international political situation and the economic crisis are all factors that have affected our spirit.   In some moments we feel distant  and alienated from the political world, which is a reaction to the current problems but  is certainly sterile.

Not being  involved in the decisions that our government takes, not being interested in the political dynamics is like being silent.
Only through our voices can we try to be an active part of our State, being a unique citizen.

It is our right to believe in a better world and politics can help us to bring this about; we must have ideals and live for them.

To vote is a right but also a duty because WE ARE our STATE so we must decide what is best  for it. We must be curious and informed in order to increase the welfare of our country.

For this reason now that I am 18 years old and I have got my voting card I feel a strong sense of responsibility because going to vote represents a chance to change my destiny.