Stay slowly connected


Photo by Giuliapaola Fagioli (1994), LSP Assisi Italy


By Margherita Tiriduzzi (1994),LSP Assisi Italy

It is always difficult to understand and describe a phenomenon while it is happening. If I think about what is changing my life now I suddenly reflect on big themes like Globalization, the advent of new technologies etc. but in reality it is useful to start from the little aspects of everyday life, to understand the change and see its tangible results.

Two months ago I passed my driving license exam. I live in the countryside: there are two buses a day and no trains, it is very difficult to move from one place to another. This event is a big step forward that permits me now to be more independent. With this event there is also a personal growth: the responsibilities are greater and this means that my parents trust me as if I were an adult.

Low cost flights are changing my life: these last years I have travelled very much and if I had had to pay more than 45 Euros per flight, it wouldn’t have been possible. Travelling means challenge for me: new places, new cultures, new people are mirrors in which you reflect yourself and get to know yourself better and better.

Travelers should know languages because they are the means to get to know new things. I’m attending a modern languages school in which I learn English, German and French. Even if this last year I’m under a bit of pressure because of the final exam, I am happy about my school: it is a kind of gym that prepares you for the “outside” world.

The last aspect is social networks. They permit me not only to interact with other people in real time but also to talk to them without paying anything or at very low costs! This permits quite everyone to be connected with the community.

The “fil rouge” of my personal change is the capacity of connection: from the theoretical aspect of learning languages to the low cost flights and the virtuality of social networks. I think that this is one of the most important aspects of our age: in my everyday reality it has a positive result. Being connected avoids superstitions and beliefs. It is also true that connection has its bad aspects: many stimuli may make you superficial or may estrange you from your home territory. The right way to manage connection is to find a balance, and slow down. Sometimes information may stifle you, it is because of this that you have to slow down: turn off everything and “filter”, think about the things you just encountered. Analyzing is fundamental, because it develops in you a critical sense that enriches you and helps you to face reality.