(2) Technologies can improve education system

January 4th, 2013 by Macijauskaite Aneta

By Aneta Macijauskaite (1997), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania

New technologies change our lives quite quikly. Every part of life is computerized and improved more and more every day. For example, shopping on-line almost changed buying in shops. Only few years ago children were playing with friens outside. Now almost every child has got a computer and the Internet, they are playing computer games, they are “meeting” their friends in Facebook or something like that. There are lots of examples how computer and the Internet changes our lives.

One of them is an email pupils’ record book. It has improved our education system. It makes our school life easier.

In the past teachers had to do everything in the register: write the topic of the lesson and homework. They had to check who is absenct on that day. So the invention of an email register improved education system for teachers, too.

If we talk about students and their parents we can see lots of advantages as well. Everybody knows that parents do not like bad marks, students as well. But when students had ordinary diaries it was easier to hide marks from parents. Students could erase bad marks or even do not write them into their diaries. But I absolutely agree that it depends on your consciense.

Nevertheless, there are lots of advantages: now we can check what we have for homework, we can compare our marks with those of other classmates’ etc. I have carried out a poll and made this chart to show you my classmates’ opinion about email record books.

The results are:

This chart confirms that a part of people are not conscientious and it’s necessary to do to something to fight with cheating.

In conclusion I want to say that the Internet and a computer are good, they “help” us to live. However, in my opinion, they shouldn’t change a real life and communication with real people.

Old fashion is coming back

May 11th, 2012 by Macijauskaite Aneta

Nowadays fashion plays a very important part in our life. From the antiquity teenagers and adults want to look good and in the world there are various fashion trends. Particular trends prevail in different periods.
In the past fashion was different than now, so when we see clothes which people used to wear earlier seem funny to us. How could they wear such clothes? Answer is simple: it was as usual as jeans today.
Nevertheless, old fashion clothes are coming back to our lifes. Maybe they are a little bit more modern, but still similar to our parents’ and grandparents’ youth clothes. However, not even clothes are coming back to the fashion. Hairstyles, accessories, shoes are coming back as well.
Here are some examples how fashion improves:

I think that our parents’ culture and fashion was spectacular and it’s very great that it is not forgotten.

Hello world!

May 10th, 2012 by Macijauskaite Aneta

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