Reminder: How to Invite and to Allow Comments

By Lothar Thiel, Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain.

Dear trait d’union editors,

Seeing that former problems (impossibility to add/get comments) persist, I repeat a hint that I posted some time ago.

Maybe sometimes you are disappointed not seeing any comment on your article. This is really a pity, because fair comments are one of the main instruments of the intercultural communication within this project. However, not receiving comments on the own articles and not commenting on the others are only the two sides of the same coin. So everybody should write interesting comments (not only writing “Great job!” or “Well done, guy, continue like this!”) on the articles of your colleagues especially of different countries. And try to awaken your partners’ interest to comment on your text asking specific questions at the end of your article, for example inviting to compare the circumstances, attitudes or opinions in/of different countries/generations as to the topic of the article. Ideally, comments lead to new discussions or even to new common projects.

But the lack of comments may also have technical reasons. If the option “Allow comments” is not ticked of, it is impossible to comment on your article (“Comments closed.”) So, please, check in your dashboard whenever you have written a new article, whether the option “Allow comments” is ticked of. If not, tick it of. I wish you a lot of interesting comments.

If you want to comment on an article, where the comments are closed, you can send a message to its author, asking him to allow comments.

How to find this box in your dashboard: