2012: End of the world

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Leonetta Basilio (1993) LSP  Assisi Italy

That should have been, according to some, the destiny of our planet. Actually it wasn’t, but nowadays there are undoubtedly many signals of deep changes at all levels: economic, social, political and environmental. The economic crisis we are living, which has global dimensions, will certainly lead to new economic relationships among Nations and will question the ancient economic predominance of the Western Countries, promoting the rise of new economic powers. In the social sphere there are clear signals of a growing globalization due to two main factors: the invention of new and more efficient technologies which allow easier and easier forms of communication between the different cultures, and the migration of peoples to other countries.

In politics there are interesting signals of change for what concerns the Arabian countries. The so called Arabian spring ( a movement of strikes and unrest which have brought to a change in politics) can be interpreted as a democratization process, even if fundamentalism is always a problem.
The respect for the environment has a central importance for human life. Even if we are witnessing growing pollution, produced largely by the economically emerging countries, there are also many signals of a new environmental awareness which will hopefully lead to the preservation of our planet. For example the actions of Green Peace and environmental associations have helped people develop a growing sensibility towards the environment.
Although it is a “painful” process, these current changes will lead to the birth of a collective consciousness able to build more equal relationships not only between people, but also between human beings and the environment.

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