Comment on “Change the world” by Giulia Bottoloni

By Leire Garagorri Eguidazu (1998), Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain.


 Hello Giulia,

I wanted to comment on your article. We all can see that the world is changing. For example nowadays nearly everyone has got a mobile phone. Almost 80% of the population has got a cellular phone [1] and more and more people have Internet connection. In my opinion, as technology develops politics has to make progress too. And who better to encourage those developments than the young people that denote the future of our world? Nowadays, with Internet, via Facebook and Twitter, youngsters can connect with each other and show the Government in a pacific way, what things they consider important for their future, such as better teaching in the schools.

You say “that everyone is free to choose the things he wants to be engaged in and those he wants to ignore”, referring to the lack of interest that the youth shows for politics, but in some way I can comprehend this political apathy. Because who is going to show interest in a topic where his/her opinion is not really considered?


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