Internal development

December 9th, 2012 by koziel3tomasz3s

Personal development shapes us as people and helps to achieve our goals which are leading to happiness. I think this is a very important issue and it would be worth having a real influence on it.

Many people think that nowadays we must always hurry  and we haven’t got time for anything. In my opinion it isn’t a  true. I think this is the result of wasting our time. ‘Time stealers’ are everywhere : in the internet (e.g. ‘Facebook’) , television (soap operas), computer (games , movies) etc. Of course it is important to have a connect with our friends but we don’t need to spend all day on Facebook.

I think a good way to personal development is to do some activities and read books.  From books we can learn a lot , all of the knowledge known by humanity was written in the books. I know many people who think that books are boring , in my opinion they are the best way to improve ourselves.

It’s really important to have something like a schedule of our day. This prevents the time loosing and gives us time to read or practice skills. And what about you?

Fiat 126p

May 16th, 2012 by koziel3tomasz3s

by Tomasz Kozieł (1995) LOK Kraków/Poland

Fiat 126p was produced from 1973 in Bielsko-Biała and Tychy. In Germany it was known as “Bambino” and in Slovenia as “Bolha” (“Flea”) or Pici-Poki(“slowly and loudly”).  It had a simple construction , that’s why it was inexpensive. It was possible to pay for it in installments. Overtime it became available to many Polish families , however people needed to wait a few years before they got a voucher for it.

It was called “Maluch” because it was incredibly small. Although it was intended for four people, in the back seat a small child could sit , or you could put the shopping there. Larger or thicker people had quite a problem to find enough room even in the front seat. The main advantage of “Maluch ” was that the driver could wipe all windows (including the rear one) by a simple cloth, not even moving from their place. It was very important , because windows were steamed up constantly in that car. Although the trunk was at thfront and had the capacity of only 100 liters, many Poles were driving this car all over Europe. Tents, mattresses, blankets, clothes for two weeks, two children and a dog – it was all housed in a “Maluch”. A campsite holiday in Greece or Bulgaria was not a problem. By the way, you could also attach the roof rack. The engine was placed in the rear of the car. The engine capacity was 0.6 liters, the power of 23 hp and the maximum combustion of 6 liters per 100 km. With the weight of 600 kg , we can see how little fuel it used. It could be driven for 150 thousand kilometers without any repairs. Fiat 126p unfortunately only had within the two doors. Everything inthe car reach of the passenger driver, even the door handles. ”Maluch” was produced until year 2000. Even today, this car has its fans.

Compared to today’s cars, “Maluch” was very primitive. Modern cars are very well equipped. They have air conditioning, computers, central locking, electric windows and even heated seats, which are very convenient. Modern cars are safer, have brakes, ABS and ESR and parking sensors. They also differ from the Fiat design. Current forms and modern engines use less fuel. They can also develop a higher speed. When you move back to the seventies , what was the most popular in your country ? (What did it look like?)

Hello world!

January 23rd, 2012 by koziel3tomasz3s

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